Mathster FAQ

ID #1003

Creating a PDF for printing

After you have created a test,

  • Click on the pdf icon next to the assessment you wish to use
  • Choose from the following options given on the 'Print Test' page:
  1. Assessment Title (includes the assessment title on the pdf)
  2. Student Name, Class and Date area (includes an empty box for name, space and date)
  3. Total Marks (useful for a test, deselect for a worksheet)
  4. Introduction (text that wish to write about equipment required, etc…)
  5. Show marks per question (marks will appear on the right hand side of the pdf for each question)
  6. Include Space to write answer (leaves a large gap between each question for showing working)
  7. Add line break between questions (puts a grey line in between each question for more visible separation)
  8. Create answer key (includes an answer key at the end of the pdf)
  • Then click 'continue'
  • Wait a few seconds for pdf to be enabled, then click on 'PDF'
  • Your pdf will be sent to your email address shortly (this delay depends on size of pdf)

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