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How do I create a Video Assessment?

Go to the Question Bank and select the questions you wish to use. After selecting the questions, click the button ''Attach to Video'''.


If you already have a video on YouTube then click the appropriate button, or if you want to record your own then select this option.


If you wish to browse or search the YouTube library for premade videos then click ''Browse'' and choose a video.


If you want to record your own, once the Maths Pad has opened, click the ''Record'' icon in the top left and wait for the Screen Recorder software to load up. Note that this will only work on a PC, Mac or Linux machine with the latest version of Java installed. After the Screen Recorder has loaded then press record and make the presentation. After you are finished, press stop and allow the video to process and then press the upload button. This will take around 10 to 20 minutes depending on the length of your presentation.


Your questions will now appear in a block. You can now rearrange the questions and / or create a new block if you like. The 'time' setting controls when the video will stop and the questions in that block are displayed.


Click save and your video assessment is placed online for your students to do.

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